How to write addresses on envelopes in Russia?

According to Russian Postal rules you have to put the address and contact information of the sender in the top left corner of the envelope as also sender’s zip-code in Russia called postal index.

The recepient data should be put in down right part of the envelope including address, contact, phone number and zip-code.

Very imortant for your fast and safe delivery of the envelope is to write the zip-code of the recepient in big numbers in the down left part of the envelope to let postal robots recognize it easily.

Below you can see how the correctly filled envelope should look in Russia:
How to write on envelopes in Russia?
For more convinient address filling process in Russian basicly being used so called Komu-Kuda (Whom-Where) envelope with preprinted prompt lines. Our factory produces such kind of envelopes and we can deliver it to you. Please let us know your company data and where to deliver to